I am a believer and a practitioner of a lifelong learning. In the post-college life my education mostly comes by way of the internet and meeting people. I feel naturally inclined to give back to the design community.

Heads up, since I just started the journey resources are limited.

I wrote about my learnings and take aways upon wrapping up the first year in the industry. Reflections became my go-to practice after Hyper Island, where it was a big part of our studies. It helps to pick apart complex experiences, provide learning opportunities for growth and setting the key action points.

The first talk I delivered was at Glug Berlin in the summer of 2017. It was a special chance to achieve a personal goal and conquer a longtime fear. Talking about my experience of navigating the intricate waters of stakeholder management in front of ~100 people was a nerve wracking but a rewarding experience.
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