About me
I put people in the heart of everything I do. First and foremost, the end-users; but also the stakeholders, the engineers, the product folks and other designers. I am a strong believer that very few problems are solved alone, for me team spirit and collaboration are the essential factors of success of a project, as well as my own fulfilment and happiness at work.

I especially enjoy working on projects that address a complex and intervened set of problems a user and a business are facing. Exploration phase is my personal favourite time of a project. I enjoy observing and studying users, validating their pain points and motivations, co-creating potential solutions in workshops and just helping users achieve what they are striving for. Second favourite are the long hauls of flow re-iterations and pixel pushing while listening to some quality electronic music.

People are my biggest interest outside work too. I am interested in cultural history, social justice, feminism, and body portrayal & sexuality. I appreciate the spectrum of quirkiness Berlin has to offer, and I run an anonymous blog about dating in the city. It now has 2,5k readers, yay!

I started what is now a life-long serial foreigner endeavour when I was 15 years old. In the past 10 years I have experienced living in 4 countries. Cultural heritage, traditions and rituals is one of my favourite things to explore; getting to know people representing those is one of my favourite things to do. Unexpectedly, it lead me to another current interests of mine. I realised I am suffering from a loss of national identity to a certain extent, and it pushed me to look back into my own country, and learn more about Russian culture and weirdness.
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