My name is Polina,
I explore & create.

I am a UX / UI designer with a
<3 for user research.

I am a designer that is interested in crafting a holistic user experience – digital and physical. I am happy when my designs solve a problem, and are not only aesthetically pleasing.
I am a serial foreigner armed with an academic background in design, sprinkled with Hyper Island madness.

Most recently I was (still am) jamming at an e-commerce / logistics start up in Singapore. As an enterprise product designer, I was juggling responsibilities of a researcher, UXer, visual designer and a product manager. Thus far I have worked on a few problems – from warehouse automation to customer service tools. Working across multiple teams, I discovered the importance of facilitation. It is my next personal challenge to become better at it.

On my days off you can find me in a plane seat or motionless on a couch, crafting or cooking. The latest hobby of mine is free writing while listening to quality electronic music.
I am now looking for full time opportunities in Berlin. Do you think we can create amazingness together? Send me an email and let's chat!
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