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Polina is currently living in Berlin, where she spends her time designing internal products at HelloFresh. Her days include a lot of observations, questions, and sketching.

She is experimenting with materials, objects and vulnerability.
Purchase Orders Service
Procurement is one of the key operational processes in a meal-kit business. One of the products in the ecosystem is a tool to support buyers, analysts and operational folks to manage a big number of purchase orders across suppliers, distribution centeres, as well as to negotiate the best price of the goods. The tool is used across 12 markers, with vastly different operational processes; the goal was to ensure we address the pain points and carve a unified and standardised user experience.
Delivery Buddy app

The goal of the project was to design an app that compliments physical operations and lets drivers do their work quicker and more efficient. The new software resulted in fewer shortpicks throughout with more pick ups in an hour. The result is saving up to 3% GMV in costs, approximately 20K a month.
CRM Tools
I was supporting the build up of the in-house CRM tools, ensuring the user experience is consistent and thought through because it directly affects the way customer agents are working. By now most of the processes are supported by the in-house tools. The result is ticket resolution time is less by a few minutes, ticket aging is decreased by 20% and the customer service rate bounced up by 40%.
Promotions management

Supporting category managers to manage the growing number of promotions, as well as to allow them to be more proactive with promos rather than reactive. Since launch of the product, the amount of active promos tripled, and the process time decreased. Promo management became more informed with the post-promo analysis that is now available at hand for the users.
Vespa + digital

Crafting a business transformation plan for a company with quite a traditional offering. I used design thinking and JTBD while working on the project, as well as working closely with my user base to better understand the intricacies of the experience.
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